White Barites

Barytes (or barite) is the natural mineral form of  Barium Sulphate. Barites main properties are its high specific gravity 4.50 g/cm3,  very low solubility;  non-toxic, and  chemically and physically unreactive.   The barite is broadly used in applications including middle & high-grade paint, paper-making, pharmaceutical, rubber, cosmetics, and plastics. Barite is the most common mineral composed of barium and sulfate, which usually occurs naturally in sedimentary rocks, hydrothermal ore veins, as well as in marine deposits.   Chemical formula for barite is BaSO4.   It has a high specific gravity of 4.50 g/cm3. Its Mohs hardness is 3.0 to 3.5.   Barite, which may be found in a variety of colors including Yellow, Brown, White, Blue, Gray, or  colorless,  
  • Industrial Applications of Barite

  • Paint Mfg.  Industry Plastic Mfg. Industry Paper-Making Industry Rubber Mfg. Industry Pharmaceutical Industry Cosmetics Industry

Images of Barite Lumps

White Barite Lumps White Barite Lumps
  Gray Barite Lumps  

Chemical Composition

Specification Barites BaSO4 89%-95% Barite Colour White Whiteness : >93% Brightness >92% Specific Gravity 4.25 g/cm3 min Extractable Carbonates :3000 mg/l max Hg :1.00ppm max Cd : 3.00ppm max Water Alkaline Earth Calcium :250 ppm max Moisture : 1.00% max Iron Content: 0.20 % max

Barite Powder Packing

Barite Powder Packing
Barite Powder Packing in 1 ton Jumbo Bags
  Barite Powder Packing in 50 Kgs Bag  
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