Zircon Sand

About  Raw Zircon Sand

Zircon Sand known as Zircon Silicate (ZrSiO4), is found in ancient mineral sand deposits. Zircon is in color brown, colorless to Yellow Golden, Pink and Red to Blue and Green and it is  a crystal sands.   The thermal conductance and density of zircon sands are also higher. The processing of zircon sand mineral into the zircon opacifier is carried out in 5 stages, namely Beneficiation, Roasting, Leaching, Drying, and Milling.
Zircon Sand
Raw Zircon Sand (Pre-Benefication)
  The main use of zircon sand is its conversion into Flour, Opacifier, Fused Zirconia, Zirconium Chemicals, Chemical Zirconia And Zirconium Metal.  

Zircon  Applications :

Ceramics Chemical Applications Foundry Sands & Coatings Glass Refractories Emerging Research & Development
Zircon (zirconium silicate) has a unique set of physical properties which make it suitable for use in a variety of demanding applications.   PROPERTY APPLICATION
  • High refractive index Ceramics
  • High hardness Ceramics
  • High melting point Refractory industry
  • High spatial and thermal stability
  • Low coefficient of linear expansion
  • Moderate to high thermal conductivity
  • Low wettability
  • Clean and round grains
  • Binding ability with all organic and inorganic moulding sand binders

Lab Test Chemical Test ReportsZircon Sand Lab Test Report


Zircon Sand Packing

50 kgs packing will be in used polymer bags Customized packing as per buyer requirements.  
Zircon Sand Packing-1 Ton Jumbo Bag
Zircon Sand Packing-1 Ton Jumbo Bag
Zircon Sand in 50 kg Bags Zircon Sand in 50 kg Bags
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