Crystal Gypsum Selenite

About  Crystal Gypsum Selenite

Crystal gypsum selenite is a transparent or translucent variety of gypsum that is used in the production of decorative items, such as vases, bowls, and lamps. It is also used in the manufacturing of plaster of Paris, which is used to make molds for casting and as a sculpting material.

Crystal Gypsum Selenite is a Crystal variety that is colorless and transparent. Selenite is also a mineral that is composed of “Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate with a different chemical composition than gypsum.

Gypsum is a soft Sulfate Mineral composed of Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate. It is mined around the globe.

Industrial Application

Selenite (Gypsum) is a common material used in Paints, Tiles, Drywalls, Blackboard Chalk, Fertilizers, Jwellery Die Mold Casting, Food Grade Products, and Plaster of Paris.  

Selenite  as Health Wellness 

Selenite is a very popular metaphysical crystal and is associated with the seventh chakra or the crown chakra. Because of its polar molecular structure, metaphysically, gypsum is a strong energy conductor that encourages energetic flow, cleansing, removal of blockages, and strengthening and repair of damage to desirable energetic balance. It is an excellent tool for clearing other crystals and auric entanglements.  

Crystal Gypsum Selenite Chemical Composition

Crystal Gypsum Selenite Chemical Composition
Crystal Gypsum Selenite Chemical Composition Chart

Crystal Gypsum Images

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